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Belizean-Guatemalan Territory Dispute

Belize and Guatemala have had a longstanding conflict that goes back centuries, well predating the establishment of Belize in the 20th century and even Guatemala in the early 19th century. The conflict between the two sovereign countries harkens back to colonial times, when the Spaniards controlled all of South America (with the exception of Portuguese-controlled Brazil) and Central America by dint of a Papal decree.

Map of Americas Ruled by Spanish and Portugese Colonies in 1790
Map of Americas Ruled by Spanish and Portugese Colonies in 1790
Map of South America 1790

The conflict over what is now the internationally-recognized independent and modern-day State of Belize began in the 17th century, when the Spaniards found themselves unable to gain and retain control over the territory now known as Belize. On the one hand, the Spaniards failed to fully subdue the indigenous Mayan people who lived there. On the other hand, they refrained from settling that area, contrary to much of the rest of the continent. The British, who were the Spaniards’ colonial competitors and controlled most of the islands in the Caribbean Sea as well as North America, took the opportunity of Spain’s failure at controlling Belize to move ashore onto the mainland and to settle the area instead of the Spaniards. …

It seems safe to say that coronavirus has affected nearly every aspect of our lives these days. It has shut down the economy, kept us confined to our homes, and has been completely dominating the news. What else could there be to do other than watch the constant reports about the numbers of hospitalized and dead? How can we avoid falling into a rut of fear about an uncertain future?

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Well, I would argue that there is plenty to do. In fact, now is the perfect time to work on planning a strategy for the future. Yes, right now. If this crisis does nothing else, it should be a demonstration of how important it is to have a sound, comprehensive asset protection strategy. Why? Because this crisis will eventually end, but the necessity of having a long-term financial perspective will not. This is imperative for dealing with any other world crises that may come our way in the future. Our current situation demonstrates the plausibility of such crises quite well and while there is no need to panic, being well prepared is essential. …


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